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Restore ease and motion back into your life

Is my focused approach to bodywork right for  you?

Just like every body is unique, so is my approach to bodywork. 

As a holistic massage and neural reset therapist, my goal is develop a bodywork program that matches your body's needs for healing as quickly and completely as possible. My approach to bodywork is not one-size-fits-all. I work with you to co-create a treatment program using a combination of cutting edge technology, traditional ancient practices, and integrative soft tissues treatment – like neural reset therapy and cranial sacral massage.

You may be an excellent candidate for focused, integrative bodywork if you suffer from any of the following:

Pain/stiffness of old injury

Car accident

Sports Injuries

Occupational injury

PTSD / nervous system response to trauma

Back or neck pain

Hip pain

Headaches / migraines

Digestive problems

Persistant pain post-surgery

Carpel tunnel syndrome

Tennis / golf elbow

Rotator cuff freeze/injury

Scar tissue discomfort

Anxiety / panic attacks from chronic stress


Shoulder Treatment
Image by Otto Norin


"Loved the immediate relief from pain ,her gentle touch, her painless method. Neural Reset Therapy is amazing even for old stubborn injuries."

 – By Anonymous 

"I’ve been working with Melissa for almost 5 years now. First off she rescued my back so I could get to PT. That was after 6 weeks flat on my back and trying acupuncture and chiropractor. Neural Reset got me out of pain! Melissa has grown a lot in 5 years. She has become more than a Neural Reset therapist. She has truly become a healer and superb therapist. Would recommend her to anyone in muscular skeletal pain!"

"A true healer!!"

– Juliann P.

Service Received: Neural Reset Therapy

"Melissa's work has provided me with growing strength and ease of movement. The five stars reflect my satisfaction with her skills and abilities."

– By Wally

"Excellent communication skills. Uses her skills and knowledge to help you overcome physical issues."

– Anonymous on Dec 02

"Very different experience than your typical massage but the results are incredible."

– Gus A.

Service Received: Neural Reset Therapy

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